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SmartCafé is an a.i. driven lesson system that will deliver relevant, interesting and fun training (SmartBites) to you on a daily basis that will support your professional development.

New trainiing is added daily. You can select the content of relevance to you - or the system will decide for you subject to how you use it.

SmartCafé often also offers free links to further study options (tutorials and Certificates).

SmartCafé is completely free. It provides access to the last 18 SmartBites added in the subjects you have selected on a updating basis.

if you wish to upgrade, SmartCafé Pro (£99 pa) includes the complete Infinity archive of thousands of courses and past SmartBites.

Learning to Suit You

It is not just software - SkillGate systems are about developing skills. SkillGate offer thousands of Lessons in Learning Suites tailored to meet your needs.

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