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Compliance courses

SkillGate’s Regulatory Library contains nearly 200 online compliance courses covering a diverse range of subjects and sectors.

Courses are fully customisable so can be tailored for your organisation, to include policy documents, case studies, language, images, etc, to reflect your company rules and ethos.

All courses in SkillGate’s Regulatory Library are reviewed and updated twice annually to ensure they are kept fully up to date with latest legislation, statistics and best practice.


Full listing 2022: SkillGateRegulatoryCourseList2022.pdf
Organisational Compliance:
Health & Safety:

Main features:

  •  Almost 200 compliance training courses
  •  Available with Traffic Light
  •  Fully customisable
  •  Reviewed and updated every 6 months with latest legislation and statistics
  •  New courses added regularly