SkillGate | About Us - A little more info about SkillGate


SkillGate will assist you to build a unique LMS that can include a range of customisation options:

  • Look and feel - select the logos, colours and font styles that represent your company
  • select a site name and url address
  • set default email addresss and messages
  • create a customised certificate for your organsation
  • select the pspecialist products you need.

SkillGate has been specialising in learning management systems and online training and development for over 20 years. Our team of experts can provide practical advice and solutions to even the most complex training and development need.

Whether face to face, over the phone, or via email, our specialists will advise on any aspects of system design, use or application. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of in-house programmers and training course designers we can help you find and develop the perfect online training solution for your organisation.

Main features:

  •  CSS manager allows LMS Administrators to create custom look and feel
  •  Select default Home Page
  •  Set GDPR defaults
  •  Customise Add User default inputs
  •  Set permissions to speciailist reports and options
  •  Specify Accessibility defaults
  •  Add custom contact details
  •  Set default site name, URL and email addresses
  •  Customise message text on standard emails
  •  Select Shortcuts