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My Paths

My Paths is designed to allow trainers to create training routes or pathways for Users. The authoring tool is included in SmartAuthor. It allows authors to link all learning object types; tutorials, classroom, certificates coaching sessions etc., into a time based programme. Delivery of the programme can be made in one of three ways (or a combination of the three):

  • at set days after first enrolment
  • on completion of a previous learning item
  • or subject to an assessment of the individual requirement

My Paths can also include InTouch channels for daily lessons and activity logs.

My Paths are detailed in the My Learning section that also includes:

  • all outstanding mandatory courses
  • training suggestions from manager

There is a diary or calendar that details due dates for Certification; review by dates for actions and objectives; current course registrations; face to face course bookings etc.

My Learning