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Pin & Direct

Pinboard allows all Users to share learning aids (or objects) such as videos, tutorials, notes, etc., with colleagues.

Wherever the pin is visible on the site, a user can pin the learning item to a colleague Pinboard. Using the Pinboard link in the navigation bar, users can also upload or pin any other type of content such as links and articles.<'p>

Recipients have the choice to 'accept' or reject the person pinning as a Pinboard Friend before the material can be viewed.

Directed allows a manager to recommend a course to a Team member. The item is placed in the User Learning Required section. Only the manager is able to remove the item from the Required section.


Main features:

  •  Pin icon to enable ease of use
  •  All learning objects built in SmartAuthor compatible with Pinboard
  •  Option to accept/reject Pinboard friends
  • Direct
  •  Direct icon allows User to recommend or make selected training mandatory
  •  Direct can be used by Team Leaders and Group Masters