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SurveySoft is integrated survey software.

It allows survey questions to be added as objects to any programme. They can be included in SmartBites and Tutorials either as part of flow of a course, or as a traditional survey form. Questions added in different parts of a course or even in different courses can form part of a complete survey.

Individual questions/answers can be marked for action so that specific warnings, if needed, can be sent to responsible people in your organisation.

Survey results have their own reporting environment with additional security measures.

Survey Soft

Main features:

  •  Multiple question formats
  •  Custom question styles
  • Applications
  •  Course evaluation
  •  360 defree feedback
  •  Risk analysis
  •  Intelligence gathering
  •  Staff surveys
  • Advanced features
  •  Collate questions across programmes
  •  Mix with other learning objects
  •  Send notices on specific answers
  •  Enable manager sign-off
  • Secure Access
  •  Permissions based access to reports