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Traffic Light

SkillGate’s Traffic Light compliance management software is responsible for some of the highest compliance rates in the industry.

It is designed to make it simple for a single administrator to manage multiple mandatory training requirements for a large number of learners.


Compliance is denoted by means of a red or green ‘traffic light’ which flashes on the user’s SkillGate homepage next to the relevant training course.

  • Green = Compliant
  • Red = Non-compliant

Line managers will only show as green and compliant if ALL members of their team are showing as green. This means that chasing staff to complete their training is done by team line managers rather than the HR or Training teams.

Main features:

    Red Green Reports
  •  Simple do now report for Users
  •  Cascaded red green compliance report for Team Managers
  • Allocation
  •  Allocate Mandatory courses by TL Code or Individual selection
  •  Import compliance histories
  •  Add individual Exemptions
  •  Link Allocation to HRMIS feeds
  • Automation
  •  Automate instructions and prompts for Users
  •  Schedule trigger reports for Team Managers
  •  Set up automatic Onboarding programmes
  •  Use Stagger and Delay for new User programmes
  • Dashboard
  •  Easy to read dashboard for administrators
  •  Display online, classroom and coach type courses
  •  Display by Group, department and line manager
  •  Schedule Dashboard Snapshots
  •  Diary manages future registrations
  • Reports
  •  Save and schedule Activity Reports
  •  View capacity requirements for rollover and allocated classroom courses
  •  Manage Traffic Light Allocation Reports
  • Rollovers
  •  Set up automatic re-registrations
  •  Rollover can use re-registration and compliance target dates
  •  Rollover to other courses
  • Courses
  •  Includes up to 200 pre-prepared editable compliance courses