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To support our library of professional courses, and the Essential LMS, SkillGate offers an extensive range of advanced, innovative online learning tools - a Universal Training System (UTS).

Our software solutions cover practically everything a training department could need.

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Course Authoring

SmartAuthor lets your subject matter experts create Online Tutorials; SmartChannels for SmartCafé Coaching sessions; Certificated Programmes; and SmartProjects (programmes, paths or environments).

The 'manager' suite allows Authors to support delegates on programmes in real-time.

Together with Infinity, SmartAuthor is unique. Working with both you can create training interventions using thousands of prepared learning objects in minutes.


Traffic Light

Simplified compliance management

Mandatory lessons are delivered to the relevant staff automatically according to your plan.

Simple Traffic Light reporting helps line-managers to support compliance.

Hundreds of prepared and updated compliance courses make compliance training easier for everyone.

A.I. driven daily lessons & updates

The best learning usually involves practice, reminders and repetition. Your delegates will automatically receive the option of using SmartCafé for Courses that include professional channels.

We deliver hundreds of short learning 'bites' through SmartCafé every month.

Our A.I. system tailors the subjects to the needs of each member of your staff.

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Personalised training suggestions

Allows users to add their own training suggestions to each other's Pinboards.

Pinboard 'Pro' exploits the tens of thousands of lessons in SkillGate's Infinity Library (and our independent research). Our researchers recommend the best online training solutions and alternatives for every user.

Performance Management

SkillGate offers two mutually supporting systems:

1 to 1 - This simple informal approach allows managers to note & manage performance discussions, set objectives and actions and request training, at any time or as prompted.

Annual Appraisal - This customisable system manages the annual appraisal process including prompting, OKR or MBA , competency notes and scores, moderation etc.



Training Needs Analysis

SkillGate includes a formal Training Needs Gap Analysis system and informal system via Pinboard Pro.

Delegates or their managers can add training requests via the Essential LMS or the Perform systems.

A needs request management system allows administrators to monitor demand and offer individual suggestions.

Integrated Training

In addition to online learning, SkillGate offers a series of systems that integrate other training methods;

Classroom manages face to face courses; External Class allows users to book third party courses; MentorMe includes coaching and mentoring and Coach includes competency sign-off administration.

All systems are fully integrated, allowing you to build blended programmes in ways that suit your organisation.


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